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Orbilogin.com – RBK43 setup & configuration

If you want to get out of your existing traditional and boring WIFI router, then you must think about the Orbi RBK43 MESH WIFI router that is a pack of 3 devices, including a router and two satellites. 

With this MU-MIMO and MESH technology-based router, you do not need to have an extra or additional extender or the router in your home, as the satellites along with this tremendous router can increase the speed and efficiency of your home WIFI system 10 times higher than any other router. It covers the area of 6000 sq.

feet, even with very high performance. You can set up this MESH WIFI system, very easily with ORBI APP, or you can configure it manually, using the smart setup wizard www.orbilogin.com You can perform a quick speed test of your internet, and can set up the “Smart Parental Control”. 

Put the internet on pause mode for some of the specific devices or websites. In short, you can use your ORBI RBK43 in whatever the way you want. 



Steps To Configure RBK43 Using Orbilogin.com

  1. Remove the backup batteries if your modem carries at the back of it. After that unplug the modem from the power resource, then reinsert the batteries in the modem, and let it get fully booted up.
  2. Connect the modem through the Ethernet cable by pinning one of the ends into the yellow internet port of your RBK43 ORBI router. Then connect the router unit of RBK43 with the power outlet.  
  3. Let the power LEDs be lit up. If it does not, then you need to press the power button that is just beside the power cord unit of your router. After pressing the power button, the LEDs over it should blink to solid white, and then pulse white for two minutes.
  4. Meanwhile press the sync button on your ORBI RBK43 satellite, so that both the devices can sync with each other to establish the MESH Wi-Fi system.
  5. The Orbi satellite must be placed in the centre of your house, else it would not be able to sync properly with your router. LEDs are the medium that indicates the successful or unsuccessful synchronization of both the devices.
  6. The LEDs over the RBK43 satellites should be lit up in the following sequences, else you need to do some solid precautionary measurement. First it should be pulse magenta, then pulse white, and then solid white. The LEDs can flash pulse magenta for up to 2 minutes, while your ORBI router tries to sync with your ORBI satellite. 
  7. If the LEDs show solid blue flashing, that means it has successfully connected to the router, but if it is magenta or amber that means the position of the satellites and the router are required to change as soon as possible. 
  8. After finishing the sync process of the ORBI router and Orbi satellite, you have to connect your PC, computer, mobile, or laptop with the RBK43 router and the satellite. Use a different Ethernet cable to connect your setup device with the router and the satellite. 

To get the web-based interface of your router and the satellite, you need to open a browser, and then put http://orbilogin.net at the search bar of the browser, and press next. At this next window, you are required to enter the username and the password of your ORBI MESH WIFI system.

As the ring LEDs of the router turn off, your router and the satellites have synchronized with each other and are now connected with the internet network. Now you can connect the entire wireless devices of your home and office with this MESH Wi-Fi network.  


Login to the Orbilogin.com, RBK43 Router & Satellite


To log in and add an additional satellite to your orbilogin.com WIFI network, you can use the router’s web-based interface, and follow the instructions, just given below.

  • From a computer that you have attached earlier with your satellite and the router, launch the web-browser, and then go to the search bar to enter the smart setup wizard www.orbilogin.com
  • At the popping window of the basic home page, enter the required username and password. Both should be default, and by default, it will be “ADMIN & PASSWORD”, both will be in lower case.
  • Select the option for “Add Satellite”, then you will see the window that will suggest you to place your Orbi RBK43 satellite. Follow the guided instructions to place your satellite, then plugin the satellite with the power giving source of your home. 
  • If the LEDs of the satellites blink, then click NEXT, and if it fails, then press the power button of the RBK43 satellite and then go NEXT.
  • After LEDs of the satellites appear pulses white, then become solid blue, which shows the strong connection of the router with the satellite. Finally, you have successfully connected the additional satellite with your web-based interface, created in the previous settings. 



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